Langsomt Mot Nord
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Langsomt Mot Nord • CD Collectors Box
We are proud to present a beautiful Collectors Box containing all albums by LMN: The three legendary albums from 1985-91, in remastered and upgraded versions + a new album featuring Olav Snortheim.
The release has been reviewed in Side-Line Magazine by journalist Jan Ronald Stange.
Some samples of the remastered tracks:
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If you order from outside of Norway, select the $95-option, with description "Buy the box set, and this includes shipping worldwide".
If the break-even point is not reached within the crowdfunding-period, all your money will be refunded.
About Langsomt Mot Nord
Langsomt Mot Nord is the creation of Ola Snortheim, one of Norway's most renown drummers. He has been a member of many bands, and was the drummer in De Press and Cirkus Modern.
Ola was raised in an environment of Norwegian traditional music, much because of Ola's father, Olav Snortheim, who was one of the foremost perfomers of the traditional instruments in all of Norway.
The idea behind Langsomt Mot Nord has been to create modern music, based on the traditional Norwegian folk-music Ola was raised with – and had turned over to him by his father – fused with elements and methods from electonic- and rock-music.
Many Langsomt Mot Nord productions are based on older recordings of Olav Snortheim, witch are processed and placed in an orchestral environment.
The rest of the productions are either based on other traditional tunes – or are based on material composed by LMN; mostly by Ola Snortheim, but also by his partners.
Ola created the three original LMN-albums in partnership with one additional musican/producer. There were different partners on each album:
· 1985 LMN Ola Snortheim + Jørn Christensen
· 1988 Westrveg Ola Snortheim + Morgan Lindstrøm
· 1991 Hildring Ola Snortheim + Espen Beranek Holm
Many prominent Norwegian soloist have been contributing to the albums, who are listed in the individual album-pages.
Remastering of the three original albums, and creation of a new album comprising a collection of recordings featuring Olav Snortheim, was initiated in 2016.
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